Queer as Fuck! Feministisk BDSM- & sexklubb för queers & trans The text is surrounded by purple pearls, roses, dirty pictures, trans feminist marks, a black lipstick kiss, clothes pins and safety pins

Queer as Fuck is a sober och feminist BDSM and sexparty for and by queers and transpeople.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our party last weekend! 💋 Volunteers, workshop holders and other party participants. We hope you will come to our next party as well, which we hope to be in mid-October. Stay tuned for more info..

QAF Crew will host one final event before we take a well-deserved summer break, and are opening registrations for it now.

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⚧ JUNE ⚧
16/6 – 🌤️🌲Hike & Shibari 🌲🌤️

Do you enjoy hiking? Do you enjoy or are curious about shibari? Do you enjoy hanging out with fellow Queers? Then join us on this hike! ✨🌤️🌲

Queerropegbg will hold an inspiration session. Participation in rope is voluntary, if you just want to wander and watch others do rope, that’s ok. As we will hike around lakes, there will be an opportunity to swim.


Sunday 16 June, 12.00. The whole event takes about 4 hours.

🌿*Where?* 🌿

We will hike in Vättlefjället. Place of meet-up and exact route will be given to participants one day before the event. We end the hike where we start.

🍄🍃-Good to bring- 🍃🍄

  • 🌱Clothes after weather
  • 🌱Comfortable hiking shoes
  • 🌱Towel (swimwear is optional)
  • 🌱Rope (will also be available to borrow)
  • 🌱Rope scissors (will also be on site)
  • 🌱Food
  • 🌱Water
  • 🌱Something to sit on, such as a small mat or blanket

🍄*Registation*🍄 (closes 14/6): https://forms.gle/HZYsxYEfWtUe2Rga6

For questions: Send an email to queerxxx@gmail.com

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Note! Keep in mind that all Queer As Fuck’s events are for queers only!Read our policy on our website if you’re unsure if you’re welcome or not! www.queerasfuck.se

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Kisses & spanks //💋QAF crew

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E-mail: queerxxx@gmail.com Fb: @queerasfck Ds: queerasfuck Ig: club_queer_as_fuck
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